Valery Nformba

LLB is currently a trainee at Macfarlanes LLP. As someone who has lived in London his whole life, the corporate industry is an area that has always been prevalent in Valery’s life. Throughout his primary and secondary education years, business has to a certain extent, been part of his life experiences and thus enkindled a strong interest in the sector.


First exposed to the reality of business operations through his family’s endeavours in the creation of a retail store; from a young age, he was quickly able to grasp the basic intricacies of business, and although the family business was not large enough to qualify as a corporation, it still had the fundamental structure of a corporate set up.


Early exposure to business led to his participation in business-related events such as the young enterprise programme in my final years of secondary school education. Valery’s three years at the University of Exeter proved vital in preparing him for his post-graduate endeavours.  The structure of his LLB course as well as my involvement in extra-curricular activities aided in furthering skills deemed indispensable, in the pursuit of a successful career as a corporate lawyer.

Aside from his studies, has spent a remarkable amount of time in developing his individuality though various extra-curricular activities, through participation in the local football team and as the Vice President of the African Caribbean Society (ACS).


After graduating in the top 5% of his class with a First Class law degree, he has since started his own business, undertook a Masters in Business Finance and Strategy and completed his LPC.