Thank you for your interest in supporting Opportunity Foundation. As a charity, we rely on your donations all of which is re-invested into expanding and developing more Foundation Opportunities.


What Your Donation Could Do:

  • £10 will pay for an Opportunity Seeker to be mentored or coached for a year through our secure site.
  • £25 donation will pay for an Opportunity Adviser to Travel to an Opportunity Seeker requiring special assistance
  • £50 donation will pay for Opportunity Foundation telephone, fax and Internet access for a month. The same will support the hosting of this website for at least two years
  • £100 will enable Opportunity Foundation to produce marketing materials and attend Marketing events.
  • £1000 will enable Opportunity Foundation to host an Open day

Get Involved and Donate:


There are several ways in which you can get involved and donate to the Opportunity Foundation:


  • One-off Donation:

If you’re thinking about making a one-off donation to the Opportunity Foundation, you can do this quickly and easily through our Charity Choice page, where you’ll have the option to add Gift Aid onto your donation, making every £1 you donate worth £1.25.


  • Give As You Earn:

If you’re interested in making regular donations to the Opportunity Foundation, ask your finance/HR team if your company operates the payroll giving scheme. If so, you are able to donate up to £900 a year directly from your salary before it’s taxed.

Starting this option is easy as no standing order is needed, just let your employer know that you would like to start giving to the Opportunity Foundation and the donation will automatically be taken from your pay each month. Find out more about it here and if you’re interested in this option, please email us at


  • Fundraising:

If you’re up for a physical challenge, then why not fundraise for us?

Supporters, Mentors, Opportunity Seekers, Opportunity Providers, Coaches, Directors can fundraise for us by completing various challenges such as marathons and similar challenges. Email us at