engineering3There are at least 35 professional engineering institutions in the UK, covering different engineering disciplines with different work experience requirements. The Engineering Council (EC) is the UK regulatory body for these institutions. A full list can be found on the Engineering Council’s website:

The Engineering Council sets and maintains the engineering standards and professional competence globally, ensuring that employers have the confidence in the knowledge, experience and commitment of professionally registered Engineers and Technicians at various levels of professional career:

  • IEng– Incorporated Engineers
  • CEng – Chartered Engineers
  • EngTech – Engineering Technicians
  • ICTTech – Information and Communications Technicians

Opportunity Foundations helps to facilitate and promote professionalism within the Engineering and IT sector, particularly for those from a disadvantaged background where the tasks of professional registration may appear daunting.We achieve this in three fold:

  1. Working in partnership with the various Engineering institutions using the guidelines from the Engineering Council to simplify the registration process for individuals.
  2. Working with organizations to develop their employees professionally.
  3. Working with individuals to understand the importance of professional registration.

Our goal is to provide advice and guidance for the participants on the appropriate institutions for their profession and help them through their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plans. We leverage the experience of other professionals in the various engineering fields to provide a targeted mentor for the individuals in order to achieve the benefits of professional recognitions which includes:

  • Improved career prospects and employability

  • Higher earning potential
  • Demonstration of a professional attitude valued by employers and customers
  • Enhanced status leading to higher self-esteem
  • International recognition of competence and commitment
  • Evidence of expertise
  • Greater influence within own organisation and industry