Opportunity Foundation facilitates accountancy work training contracts to graduates and postgraduates by connecting them with SMEs and Mid-Tier Accountancy firms in the UK. It specifically target SMEs and Mid-Tier firms because they often do not have the in house capabilities of securing graduate trainees.


Opportunity Foundation training graduates would have all completed both the vocational aspect of their training as well as the qualification exams required for membership to ACCA. These graduates therefore do not require much babysitting and can get straight to doing most tasks at a firm.


Opportunity foundation is therefore attractive to firms who are in need of a helping hand but want to minimize the risk associated with directly hiring a new employee. Our services will exceed the expectations of both our trainee graduates and potential employers


The Offer:

Excellent accountancy trainee graduates in a professional and cost efficient manner to SMEs and Mid-Tier firms in the UK, while concurrently providing ongoing professional career development support to graduate trainees.
We will additionally offer certain benefits not currently offered by any similar company.


Accountancy Graduate

  • Paid training contracts at SMEs and Mid-Tier Accountancy Firms
  • Comprehensive and structured vocational training and supervision
  • Ongoing complementary career development support
  • Assistance with paperwork for their professional qualification or accreditation
  • Annual membership scheme

SMEs and Mid-Tier Accountancy Firms

  • Pre-screened and qualified graduate trainees.
  • Structured training program

Practical Training Requirements:

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
ICAEW – Qualifications and programmes