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Become a Partner Opportunity Provider, a Mentor, Coach or other facilitator


As a lawyer, medical doctor, accountant, engineer or professional facilitator (e.g. mentor, coach, mediator), you can register to be an Opportunity Providers Mentor, Coach or Facilitator.


As a Partner Opportunity Provider, your organisation can actively invest in its human resources by encouraging its employees to become mentors and coaches; hosts Opportunity Seekers for example providing paid work placements, supporting or leading specific programmes such as open days, road shows and workshops. In so doing, the organisation is directly helping enhance the image of the profession.


The impact on your organisation can also be huge and goes beyond benefiting from the services of the Opportunity Seeker. These include.


  • Access to a wide pool of motivated talent to fill skills shortages
  • Improved staff morale and retention, particularly mentors and coaches
  • Demonstrative fulfilment of Organisation Corporate Social Responsibility goals
  • Massive profile boost.
  • Huge brand awareness in the profession
  • Enhanced reputation as an employer of choice
  • Better return on investment

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Become a Partner, Opportunity Provider, a Mentor, facilitator or coach